Featured Poet: Josephine Dickinson

It is with great pleasure that we can start to give you more information about the ‘Featured Poets’ of the first Poetry Symposium. I have been a great fan of Josephine Dickinson’s work for a long time. We’re thrilled that she is going to be with us.

Here’s a little bit of bio:

Josephine Dickinson has published four collections of poetry including Silence Fell (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) and Night Journey (Flambard, 2008), and collaborates extensively with artists, musicians and writers. A new collection and a prose memoir are in the pipeline. Active also as a visual artist, Josephine lives on a small hill farm in the remote high Pennines in the north of England.

You can read her work in many places, but here, here and here might be a good place to start! You can also watch Josephine read here and here. We will share more links to Josephine’s work as time goes on, but these links should whet your appetite in the meantime!


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