Featured poet: Nick Pemberton

Nick Pemberton should need no introduction to anyone who has been around the poetry scene of Carlisle in the last decade or so. Would poetry in Carlisle be in the position that it’s in without Nick and Speakeasy? No, it wouldn’t. Here’s some bio:

A level texts by William Blake and WB Yeats provided Nick Pemberton with a start in reading poetry. Bob Dylan and the Beat Poets provided a wilder, less formal set of sixties studies. However, not till his late forties did he begin to write poetry himself.

His poems were published in various magazines and Robert Leach’s Selkirk Lapwing Press published a chapbook Art, Medicine, Life, Death, Work in 2006. After this his poems were largely unsubmitted although one section of a longer piece was a runner up in Manchester’s Portico Prize one year.

Since 2003, along with various friends, he has helped encourage SpeakEasy -a monthly open mic night in Carlisle. Recently they published their first magazine. A second is on the way.

He says: “I’m not sure how poetry works or even what it’s for, but I know that it’s a crucial part of any -probably all- cultures that possess a language.”

There is some wonderful footage of Nick from the last 15 years here, here and here! Enjoy!

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