Four Days to Go!

Symposium Itinerary2Well, the day is nearly upon us. Thanks to everyone who has emailed us with their best wishes. Featured Poets have already been sent this information, but here’s an itinerary for the day (see above – apologies – I used Excel, which I realise is not very rock and roll). Thanks to all our Featured Poets for coming to read. Anyone who wishes to read in one of the open mic slots can see that there’s plenty of those, too. Please remember that the pop-up bookshop is there for ANYONE to sell their work at, whether you are reading at the open mic, or not even reading on the day.

I’m really inspired by the quality of our readers – and also really humbled that we already have some writers who’d be interested in reading at a future Symposium.

You might find some answers to specific questions here. However, pragmatic folks may wish to know that there is a toilet, and that there will be hot drinks available! The Phil and Lit also has an extensive range of philosophical books and poetry books and periodicals for you to look at, too. Thanks to all the people behind the scenes (Darren, Mike and all the student helpers who have helped plan or encourage this event).

See you there! First reading starts at 11.00.

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