Pop-Up Bookshop!

A few poets have been in touch asking for advice about the Pop-Up Bookshop on Saturday. Mike Smith has run a pop-up bookshop at quite a few events now – and we’re very lucky he is doing so at the Poetry Symposium. The system is very simple.

(1) Anyone can put their books and pamphlets up for sale on the pop-up bookshop.  Anyone. Just drop off your books before 11 o’ clock on the Saturday morning at the Phil & Lit.

(2) All books/chapbooks/magazines must include a slip of paper inside that clearly states a price for that pamphlet or book in whole pounds, the full title of the publication and the full name of the author/payee. The bookshop will be staffed by wonderful students who have volunteered to help – it is possible that they could help this process (by making slips for you, if you ask them nicely!).

(3) The funds will all be centrally held in a moneybox by the pop-up bookshop staff. At the end of the Symposium, the cash will be counted up and divided and all the total proceeds of each pamphlet or book will go to the poet concerned. This is what the slips of paper are for (see (2)!).

(4) Please be at the Phil & Lit at 4.45 to pick up your books and cash!

There will be quite a lot of wonderful poetry to buy from (hopefully) all parts of our talented county… so perhaps (5) should be… ‘come buy…. come buy!’

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