When I used to play in bands (a long time ago) there was a part of the night after you’d set up all the amps and the PA where you’d wait… you’d wait in the wings, or at the bar, or in a grubby room somewhere… you’d wait for the feeling that would tell you how the night would go. You’d wait for some sign: people arriving, or people talking about the band(s), or something. I remember it for the sound of the electrical equipment humming.

The feeling I have now is not dissimilar – looking forward to Saturday, but not entirely knowing how it will go, before it begins. We know we have a cracking line-up, we know we have an excellent venue, we know we have people coming, we know we have an excellent pop-up bookshop team. So we have an event.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us some feedback about what we’re trying to do with the Poetry Symposium. It’s been fantastic to hear that so many people have understood the spirit of the event: a free event that supports poets and poetry, free of ego and interference. Here’s an selection of what people have written:

“Really looking forward to the day!”

“It will be a great occasion and is just what we need in Carlisle!”

“Poetry Symposium – what a great idea!”

“This is a very good idea…”

“This is something great for the county.”

“You are doing a good thing here!”

“I think it is a really splendid idea.”

I hope we can all look forward to a great day of contemporary poetry in Carlisle, with many conversations had and links made across the county. Who knows what we could build together?


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