When Percy Met Norman

F8657EB0-0274-4A60-8734-AE5471A0F00BThis weekend sees the next in an excellent line up of poetry events in Cumbria.

At the Settlement in Maryport on Saturday (28th September) from 11 to 12, there is a talk on Norman Nicholson’s poetry, with Brian Charnley (from the NN Society) and Mike Smith – whose recorded interview with Norman Nicholson is one of the things that got me into Nicholson’s work in the first place.

After that, from 12.30 to 2.00, there is a celebration of poetry in the area organised by the Maryport poet Kelly Davis. It promises to be an excellent event. You will also get a chance to hear some of Nick Pemberton’s poems: another good reason to attend – on top of readings by (or of) Mike Smith,  Hazel Stewart, Elizabeth Stott,  Diane Dobson, Juliet Fossey,  Kelly Davis, Tony Hendry, Angela Locke, Alison Barr,  Kerry Darbishire, Geraldine Green, Felicity Crowley, Richard Longstaff,  and Barbara Renel.

For satnav purposes you should use the postcode ‘CA15 6BQ‘.

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