Maryport Literature Festival

The last launch of the This Place I Know anthology took place at Maryport last night – at the Roman fort museum. It was great to hear all the poets (below) read their work, and also speak to so many who are coming to the Carlisle Poetry Symposium on Saturday – inclMaryport Billuding some poets who I hadn’t met before that had heard of our event. Josephine Dickinson’s performance of ‘Snow’ is a another example of her brilliant live reading – come and see her read ‘Alphabetula’ at the ‘Freiraum’ event on the 9th December!

I spoke last night (and I think I mentioned on the radio, if you were listening) that although the word ‘infrastructure’ is a horrible sounding thing, it is precisely what we need in our region: an infrastructure for poets to communicate and support each other – so that events up and down the length and breadth of our piece of North West (however you want to define that) are linked informally with an audience and shared appreciation for the full stylistic range of poetry produced here. We hope that the Carlisle Poetry Symposium this weekend can help with this. Last night reminded me that wherever the willing get to work things can happen. Here’s another example of that, too:

Nick Pemberton’s poem ‘Flood Defences’ starts at 24:00, if you’re interested. Kerry Darbishire (one of the editors of This Place I Know) reads at 13:58. Many other excellent readers here, too.

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