One of Carlisle’s greatest kept secrets is its finest post-punk moment: the band Combo Zombo, who were also known as The Wanglers (amongst other things) in their earlier incarnations. The band ran its own label (it’s what you did in the early 80s) and were played on the Peel show. In the 1980s that was the just about the only reason you formed a band. They also released music by other acts, like The Limps (from Annan). I am delighted to tell you that we will close on Saturday with a short acoustic set from Combo Zombo, or rather “Acousticombo’ featuring Captain A.D. and C.J. Nuke’em; post-punks do it differently, you see . I have put a few requests in already, so expect ‘Surfing on the Solway’ –  amongst other delights. Post-punk’s DIY aesthetic should still be informing poetry publishing, I reckon. Anyway, here’s Combo Zombo from 1984…

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