‘Larkin’ – from ‘Dabbin Houses’

I am still in the post-Symposium thinktank, but I wanted to begin to turn towards ‘Freiraum’ on the 9th of December. Here’s the poster…

SpeakEasy - Freiraum

My phone went tonight. This is an unusual event – as you can probably tell. It transpires that some German journalists want to speak to me about the event – and about the music that myself, John Chambers and Nicci Reed will be playing at the event (the piece ‘Dabbin Houses’).

So, as we begin to get excited about Carlisle’s moment in the spotlight with the Goethe Institute (!), here’s the first part of ‘Dabbin Houses’ from a practise last week. The sonic elements are a little too loud in this take, but you’ll get the idea: it’s the sun coming up; it’s larks singing in in the sky… and then it is some other things. And for post-punk spotters: yes, the name is in part a reference to Pere Ubu’s great album from 1978. But most importantly it is an evaluation of what often gets called ‘vernacular architecture’: housing of the rural working class in a particular area. In Cumbria that includes the dabbin houses. The music moves from the sound of larks, through frozen ice arpeggios (of ‘Skeltonics’, which you can find on the blog ), through radio splinters and electrical melancholy into the euphoria of ‘New Lonning’, before ending with ‘Martins’ (also on the blog over the last few months). See you on the 9th December.

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