Bro ken Str ings

5C9DEA2B-0DB9-449D-B98D-8F61413D22BCI have a strong liking for old strings on instruments. I once kept a bass on which the strings were held in place with plastic cutlery. Why, you might ask? Because it sounded so good with its old strings on. Because as strings degrade and lose their metallic sheen they lose that annoying twang. And you are left a mellowness without ‘attack’. I like that sound. So, when I broke my old strings on the instrument that the other Nightjars call ‘the sonic guitar’ it has lessened the sound. I like guitars when they sound like themselves, not when they sound like every other guitar. The same is true of players. And singers. And poets. And everyone.

6 days to go to Freiraum…

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