Beacons / ‘We Were Englished’

Here’s the audio recording from the reading of ‘We Were Englished’ last night, at the Beacons project, run by The Patchwork Opera. It was a great event – and it was very well coordinated by John C.. I had a sense as I spoke to other people last night that the green shoots of growth were visible. Phil H. was there and we spoke about Freiraum and his considerable coordination skills; leaflets for the Solstice event (you might need to find the Speakeasy Facebook page for information on this) were about on the tables, running for the second year thanks to the organisation of Barbara R.; the Beacons event itself happens to some degree because of the hub that the Speakeasy events allow. And it was great to talk to people about the Carlisle Poetry Symposium last night. So many threads loosely wrapped around our geographical location. There is already the framework to build on and we have some momentum, after Freiraum. What else can we build?

Here is the reading from last night, with backing samples audible.

If you’re interested, the original is here – in this performance at Tullie House from 2016 (it starts at 6:45) and was part of the broader work about the life and work of Robert Anderson, entitled ‘The Language We Live In’.

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