‘Goose Barnacle Goose’

Rehearsal recording from last week of the new piece: ‘Goose Barnacle Goose’. This section is the ‘flight’ section made of four parts: ‘Ghost Goose’ / ‘Red Beacons’ / ‘fsa1’ / ‘fsa2’. The samples are a little low in the mix… but it’s a rehearsal… and the first one for this piece. We liked it. John Chambers is the live acoustic guitar. You’ll need a pair of speakers, otherwise it will sound like a ‘Dead C’ recording c.1990s!

All samples / sequencing by myself. All electric guitar parts and ‘treatments’ by myself – featuring the ‘sonic’ guitar and the pedal board (picture posted up yesterday!). The idea of the geese came from several conversations around the time of our performance of ‘Dabbin Houses’ earlier this year. The samples in ‘Goose Ghost’ are from barnacle geese, obviously. They fly over our houses at night; sometimes you can only hear them in the dark – you can’t tell which direction they have come from, or where they’re going. The ‘Red Beacons’ are the radio masts I can see out of the bedrooms of my children.

When I was a small child on holiday in Scotland my parents found goose barnacles in a rock pool – such spectacularly otherworldly things. In my head the morph into the geese, just as fable would have you believing they might do. That might explain some of the morphing ideas here. I hope it does.

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