Bazaars / nightjrrs

809008B4-137A-467F-9ED3-F1D838F6216DThere was a Speakeasy element to the Cultural Bazaar in Carlisle this weekend. John asked me to accompany him on a story song, which we performed to other Speakeasy stalwarts in the library of the school built on the site of my first teaching appointment. The stone that built the original school was ground up and used in making the foundations of the new one, symbolism fans. It was the pedalboard’s first outing, and apart from having to travel with it through tides of United fans, it did well. If you were there, let me know what you thought.

In other news, it was odd to see a picture of us in the window of the former Clark’s store in the Lanes in Carlisle. Maybe it’s a sign that you’ve made it when images of you are posted up in an abandoned precinct unit. We are labelled as ‘Night Jars’. Now… as it transpires there are quite a few other bands out there with the name ‘Nightjars’ or ‘The Nightjars’. So, for the time being we are trying out the name ‘nightjrrs’. Other exciting news is that we’re a step closer to releasing an EP in the summer. Recording has begun and discussions opened with the label.

In even more pleasing news, the plan to put out two chapbooks (planned out and drawn together with Nick) has also taken a step forward, having had to wait its turn as the backlog of projects that Nick was involved in has been worked through. Watch this space, as they say.


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