Longbarrow Press

a99ed4db-f25e-4189-951e-ded78ed054ad.jpegOne of the many high points of the Poetry Symposium in November was hearing a poet praise the work of Longbarrow Press as an example of a modern small press being an example that others should follow. In this world of poetry pamphlet competition money-spinning and pay-per-submission it can be easy to not see those whose passion, dedication and stewardship goes beyond the work of others in the field.

To give a tiny example of this, look at the picture here. This is a stamp from the packaging I received yesterday on a delivery from Longbarrow Press. Even the packaging from Longbarrow is a carefully constructed artefact of its own. This is not the case with every publisher, is it?

The work of Matthew Clegg first drew me to Longbarrow Press. Since then I have read their list more widely. I’ll try to put something on the blog  here about the new Mark Goodwin book – which is a brilliant collection. In the meantime, please go and explore the Longbarrow Press website – what a great example of a small press with vision and huge integrity. Essays, field recordings, blog pieces… such a thorough exposition of the press’ ethos and ‘art’. I know how much work goes into the creation of any such things – this is the combined work of many driven hands. It is wonderful to explore the site, and -of course – to buy the poetry as a result! Go read (!): https://longbarrowpress.com.


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