Symposium Line Up pt. 5: Kathleen Jones

The next poet to reveal in May 18th’s line up is Kathleen Jones. Kathleen contacted the blog when we set out news of the very first Symposium and unfortunately couldn’t make it to that, so I’m really pleased that we’ve got her as a ‘Featured Writer’ now. I was lucky enough to buy some of her work at the recent poetry and music event in Alston. Here’s a little bit of bio:

Kathleen Jones’ pamphlet, Unwritten Lives was the winner of the Redbeck Press Prize and her first full collection, Not Saying Goodbye at Gate 21, published by Templar Poetry in 2011, won the Straid Award. She has also written two novels and eight biographies. Her most recent pamphlet Mapping Emily won the 2016 Templar Iota Shots award, and Indigo Dreams published her second collection, The Rainmaker’s Wife, in 2017. Kathleen has worked in broadcast journalism in the UK and the Middle East, taught creative writing in a number of universities, and is the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Teesside University.

KendalKathyM (2)


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