Symposium Line Up pt 6: Nicola Jackson

The last poet to be announced is Nicola Jackson. Her book, Difficult Women (mentioned below), is a must-read. As well as being a great poet, she is also an organiser of poetry events, such as the one one held at Words by the Water recently. Here’s a bit of bio:

Nicola Jackson was one of the first women to study at Clare College, Cambridge. After working in science research and further education, she now writes in Cumbria and London. She holds an MA in Writing Poetry from Newcastle University and the Poetry School, London. Her prize-winning poetry is published in newspapers, journals and anthologies.

Nicolas collection Difficult Women (Indigo Dreams) gained the  Geoff Stevens’ Memorial Prize 2017 and is a Morning Star poetry book of the year: it ‘explores the suffering and celebrates the courage of women exploited in the industrial age and beyond.’

Geraldine Wall saysNicola’s work is rich, imaginatively complex, rooted in research as well as empathy but also can be unbearably raw.”

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