Pop-Up Bookshop Guidelines


As the Carlisle Poetry Symposium approaches, it’s a good time to remind the poets about the pop-up bookshop and to reissue the guidelines regarding how the pop-up bookshop works. Anyone (that’s ANYONE) can put their work into the pop-up bookshop and each writer gets 100% (that’s 100%) of the money raised by their work. For all that to work smoothly there’s a protocol, that you can find here: https://andyhopkinspoet.wordpress.com/poetry-symposium/. Neither the bookshop nor the event itself would be running without the support of Mike Smith – we’re very lucky to have him on board. At present, there should be two completely new pamphlets on sale at the Symposium, as well as one completely new mini-pamphlet and we may even get a date-jump (sorry, I just learned this term…) on a new collection. And, if I’ve done my counting correctly, there should be two small presses and two magazines in attendance, too! As ever, please bring money to spend on poetry!



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