Thank You

E5037647-0A26-4014-A5DA-3FD460DB79F4.jpegThank you to everyone who has been in touch with comments about the Carlisle Poetry Symposium, yesterday. I was overwhelmed last night reading various responses. It is clear that a lot of people of seen the purpose and intent of the event. I thought I would include a few of the comments here.

“I must congratulate you on the Symposium – what a turn-out, so many standing!  And I really enjoyed the afternoon – such an appreciative audience.”

“That was a great experience today – thank you!  There was a rich and diverse range of poetry talent.”

“A terrific event. It was a lovely, warm and generous atmosphere to do a reading in and such a supportive audience.”

“What a great day of poetry… It’s a great event and a great website too to support it. A fantastic event for North western poetry.”

“People were very warm and welcoming, it was a beautiful experience.”

Many, many of the comments focus on the audience – which was you, of course. Thank you for coming, reading and listening. Especially if you had to sit on one of my picnic chairs.

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