New Weird Britain

I listened to a third episode of ‘New Weird Britain’ here: I am slowly working through them. I have to say that this one affected me differently. Some really interesting points made about the people who are carrying forward art for the sake of art – not for any financial benefit (or, to chase funding). Having a pile of obscure poetry pamphlets and collections next to my bed, I am reminded of this all the time. There was only one line that made me double up with anger from a musician: listen out for the irony-free line about not liking ‘smearing things with a veneer of erudition’ and you might see what I mean. Anyway, this episode featured Lone Taxidermist and made mention of the fact that she was ‘Cumbrian-born’ in line that wouldn’t have been out of place in a News & Star article. This particular episode closes with the idea that the ‘new’ can be confusing, but that it eventually changes the mainstream; I suppose I might say ‘should it?’; ‘do we want it to?’. Doesn’t that negate the actual point of it? Liberated art that does what it needs to and pays no attention to sales. or ‘likes’. An art that connects directly with people and changes them. Otherwise aren’t we all preparing the next Madonna album? Anyway, here’s Lone Taxidermist. Enjoy.

(Review of the album ‘Trifle’ on The Quietus here, too:

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