Norman Nicholson Events

nn-a5-programme-cover_2_orig (2)

Lovely design for the Norman Nicholson poster. I’ll be reading on Saturday night. On which note: this might make you chuckle.

The line up for Saturday’s excellent ‘This Place We Know’ event in Millom on Saturday (at the Beggar’s Theatre, Market Square, Millom – LA18 4HZ for SatNav – 7.30pm… There’s 18 poets reading, so it’ll be a great event) has been out for a while and I got sent all the biographies through last night. My first thought was the fear that I hadn’t remembered sending off my biography (actually, my first fear was: ‘am I still on the bill…’). I think all the biographies have been written by another hand. Nothing wrong with that, at all; in fact, if you have a second, I think it’s really refreshing. Here comes the chuckle; mine reads ‘well-established poet who runs the Carlisle Poetry Symposium’. Thought that might make you chuckle. Surely we all dream of being a ‘well established poet’. So, happy the man. But I would say there’s another 40 years, if spared, of work to do before you’ll find that on a self-penned bio! And perhaps you never will.

See you there, on the night? Looking forward to meeting a lot of poets I have never met before, but have enjoyed the work of for some time.



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