The Purging of Spence Broughton

This is one of the many excellent films of readings and explorations from Longbarrow Press. Forgive: this film is (I think) four years old. The reason I am posting it is that I thoroughly enjoyed the pamphlet at the time and now I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to hear some of it being read, thanks to finding the film (by chance) on Vimeo after I has been watching other Longbarrow things. I won’t spoil your enjoyment by saying anything about the film, or the work – but I will say that the book is also a splendid artefact and well worth you buying (although I haven’t checked whether there are any left!):

The Purging of Spence Broughton, a Highwayman (Rob Hindle) from Longbarrow Press on Vimeo.

There’s more by Rob Hindle here, too:

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