nightjrrs at Borderlines

So, nightjrrs will play Borderlines festival this Friday. It’s another chance to hear ‘Dabbin Houses’, if you missed it live the first time – or if you’ve seen us at the more recent full performances and you’d like to see us again. Here (below) is another chance to share original performance. Yes, that’s me with my back to the audience in the shapeless clothes. The performance will be at 7:30 and it’s free entry.

In fact, the whole evening gives a chance to see some of the performances from Freiraum again. The performance will be at Cakes and Ale on Saturday. Full details here: I wrote a piece for journalists on the day; you can read that here: (none of them used it and one failed to show up at my house at the agreed time).

There are open mic opportunities on the night, too: please come and read. As part of the Freiraum event (which I think will be the first hour), I will also be reading from ‘Unthanks’. More ‘Unthanks’ news later in the year. See you Saturday?

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