Symposium Line-Up November 16th

Bookshop May 19Dear all, I am very pleased to say that the following poets will be the ‘Featured Writers’ at the next Poetry Symposium on November 16th. We have Emma McGordan, which I am very pleased about because I have been trying to ‘book’ her for a while. You can watch Emma read her work here. Those of you who know your poetry lore will know The Hangman and the Stars. She’s also on Twitter here. You may also have seen her poem in This Place I Know – or have heard her read it at the Carlisle launch of the book last year: one of my highlights of the festival that year.

We also have Mike Barlow. You will have heard of Wayleave Press, which Mike runs – the website is here, but his own website is here. You can read an interview with him here. He’s also a previous winner of the National Poetry Competition, too! Mike’s recent work includes Some Kind of Ghost – a pamphlet that I regularly go back to. I have bought quite a few books from Mike’s poetry stand over the years, before I plucked up the courage to ask him to be part of the Symposium. I’m also delighted to say that Wayleave will also have a presence at the Symposium.

We also have Jane Routh. whose collections include The Gift of Boats (Smith/Doorstop, 2010), Waiting for H5N1 (Templar Poetry, 2007), Teach Yourself Mapmaking (Smith/Doorstop, 2006) and Circumnavigation (Smith/Doorstop, 2002). You can also read some of her work here. You can also watch her read here.  I confess to having just spent many pleasurable minutes watching her various readings on You Tube! You can, too.

We also have Pauline Yarwood, one of the team that brought you the Kendal Poetry Festival. You can read about her here and here, and about her work here. She is interviewed here. Widely published in many places, she has two poems is This Place I Know, too – if you have that to hand. You could get a copy of her Image Junkie pamphlet in advance of the Symposium, here.

Next, I am delighted to say that we have two poets from Sheffield coming up to be with us. I really like the work that Longbarrow Press does. If you haven’t been to their wonderful site go there now. Brian Lewis is the editor of the press and a poet, too. You can find out about his work here. I am particularly taken with White Thorns – and hope to buy more on the day, too.

The second of our two poets coming up from Sheffield is Mark Goodwin. If you haven’t read his work yet, start off with this biography. Then buy Rock as Gloss, here! You can hear some of his work here. You should also follow him on Twitter (here) – where there are regular tweets in forms that will prepare you for his work.

(There’s also another writer that I can’t type about yet, because I’m just waiting for final confirmation)

Slightly more information on all the poets will come in time. I should say that I am bowled over by the generosity and enthusiasm of those people I have contacted. And also touched that people would want to spend the day with poetry, and us. At Tullie House, Carlisle. See you there.

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