Mark Goodwin: ‘Featured Writer’ on November 16th

With the day of the Symposium not too far away now, here’s a bit more detail about ‘Featured Writer’ Mark Goodwin. As with the other ‘Featured Writers’ I highly recommend clicking on the links below to hear the work read. The picture here was taken by Nikki Clayton at the launch of Rock as Gloss, which of course you will have bought already…

mark on a mapsk_Fotor (2)

Mark Goodwin is a poet-sound-artist who speaks & writes in various ways. He is also a balancer, walker, climber, and stroller.

Mark has been making poetry for over three decades. He has published six full-length books & seven chapbooks with Leafe Press’s Open House Editions, Longbarrow Press, Knives Forks & Spoons Press, Small Minded Books, Nine Arches Press, Shearsman Books, & The Red Ceilings Press. Both Mark’s books with Longbarrow Press – Steps (2014) & Rock as Gloss (2019) were category finalists in the Banff Mountain Book Competition.

Mark’s poetry was included in The Ground Aslant – An Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry, edited by Harriet Tarlo (Shearsman Books, 2011). His landscape poetry has been studied in various universities, including Bath, Cambridge, Loughborough, Sheffield Hallam, Manchester Metropolitan, Edge Hill, & Dundee.

Penelope Shuttle has said of Mark’s poetry: ‘Scrupulous response to landscape, adventurous ways of using the white space of the page, observational energy and tactility in the language combine to create an authentic sense of place, vital and transformative.’

Peter Dent has commented: ‘Mark Goodwin’s words operate at levels beyond the ordinary – being able to fragment and reconvene in startlingly fresh aggregations. It’s hard not to liken them to the rocks and pebbles he’s at home with in his climbing and walking – or to picture the craftsman busy at his bench sorting, cutting, and polishing. Readers are required to bring similar levels of attention to bear – which effort will be amply rewarded. To be alert to the opportunities his words offer is to become a traveller in expectation and uncommon delight.’

Mark’s latest chapbook is with The Red Ceilings Press, and is called Lake-Skin As Eye. His next full-length – At – is due out with Shearsman in 2020.

Mark lives on a boat in Leicestershire with his photographer partner, Nikki Clayton.

Some of Mark’s sound-enhanced poetry, field-recording and sound-design is here:

Film-poems made with artist Martyn Blundell are here:

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