Post-Symposium Reading

How are you getting on with your post-Symposium reading? Have you dived in? Or is it in a pile by the light next to your bed? I am in heaven. It’s worth having a Symposium, just to have access to so many great books. So, here’s some of my favourite reading post-Symposium. Share yours?


These are very good – you’ll remember the ‘Franklin’ series from the reading itself: they’re in The White Silence.

IMG_0106These are also really good. Emma Bolland’s reading made me take Lacan off the shelf. Now that’s something, given how I feel about Lacan.


And I’ll finish by showing you these. I think there is a lot that needs to be written about Mark Goodwin’s work. I started with Layers of Un: it’s brilliant. I will write more about it! Hopefully you’re sharing your finds, too! It is a joy that so many people have been in touch saying that they liked different writers. And I have been really chuffed that people have understood that we are trying to encourage poetry as a broad church.

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