It’s All Up On Bandcamp

Both ‘Dabbin Houses’ and ‘Goose Barnacle Goose’ are up on the Bandcamp site. You can own them as digital downloads. The vinyl is being made as I type and will hit the shelves in January, I am really proud of this record. And I hope it finds an audience.  

Disco Bags

I know it might sound like a dubious name for something the youth might do, but this kind of terminology has been the kind banded about nightjrrs HQ for months now. It’s the packaging. Anyway, the disco bags have arrived. See below. These will hit the shelves in January. Forgive the headless bird stamp (it … More Disco Bags

Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Understood

Do you remember when all pages of the internet looked like this: – and that’s a snazzy example of what it used to look like. In a short time the moneymoney has turned the internet into a slicker marketing beast. Yesterday I saw an old photograph of an Argentinian street from the early Twentieth … More Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Understood


I am still playing the record. There is a rightness you feel that I can’t put in a word when watching a record you made spin round. There it is on the turntable, seemingly unconnected from the world of sound. Spinning. Spinning. On our A side the nightjrr logo spins – and that creates a … More Records