Record 2I am still playing the record. There is a rightness you feel that I can’t put in a word when watching a record you made spin round. There it is on the turntable, seemingly unconnected from the world of sound. Spinning. Spinning. On our A side the nightjrr logo spins – and that creates a little hypnotic and otherworldly vision. The hand-stamping has worked beautifully, I think. It won’t be long before you can own one, too – so you’ll see for yourself. I’ll post up the link when (a) we have the final pressing and (b) we’re geared up to sell them. I’m sure you’ll spot that the idea about hand-stamping was stolen from Longbarrow Press! The large wing areas on the bird create this lovely black marbling. And the lines from the song that are etched into the vinyl are perfect. If I haven’t said this already, it sounds brilliant, too.

And don’t let anyone tell you that the format doesn’t make a difference, because it bloody well does. You play the ‘same’ song in two different formats and you will hear the difference. Digital allows harshness to be harsh – if that’s what you want. Every single song probably has a best format. I will argue that some of the tapes I still own have got a better version of certain artists on than subsequent formats. I much prefer my tape version of ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ to the mp3 you can get, and yet all and sundry will tell you that digital is better. It isn’t. It’s just different. In all honesty, there are two moments in the pair of tracks that sound less good on the vinyl. Everything else is better. Everything. It’s warm. It’s spaced out and has a depth that it didn’t before. It’s balanced. It gives a fuller flavour to the soundscapes (and noisescapes) that we have created.

If you buy the record you get two generous sides of music: more than ten minutes on each side. The A side is ‘Dabbin Houses’ – did you hear it at ‘Freiraum’? The second is ‘Goose Barnacle Goose’. If you like Eno, you’ll get it. If you like Sonic Youth, you’ll get it. If you like Flying Saucer Attack, you’ll be able to spot the lineage. We’ve put spoken word together with samples (of natural things, as well as samples of guitar noise), live guitar, keyboards, loops of field recordings, and what is referred to by the nightjrrs as the ‘sonic’ guitar. If you’ve long since abandoned owning physical recordings of music then you’ll be able to get to these pieces via ‘Bandcamp’ very soon. Not only that, but soon you’ll be able to to hear the two songs we recorded in the studio this weekend. Yes – they’re really songs.

I am very proud of this record. I hope you get the chance to enjoy it, too.

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