Bloodaxe Archive

I love these interviews:

That’s not to say that I love all these poets, but they all say interesting things in these interviews. There are some questions asked that seem to me better than others, and some of the interviewers appear better to me than others.

I haven’t watched them all yet, but the ones that I have watched all end in a reading, too. Isn’t that good? And they’re well filmed. And the sound is clear (if you know me, you know why I am saying this). Little gems in every single one about the writing process, or the editing process, or about the publication business. There’s Philip Levine forgetting Neil Astley’s name. There’s Gillian Allnutt talking about ‘partial remaindering’. Paul Batchelor’s brilliant ‘Pit Ponies’ is also read here. There’s Jackie Kay. There’s Fleur Adcock. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Bloodaxe Archive

  1. Dear Andy Hopkins, I am glad you are enjoying the Bloodaxe Books archive on the NCL Univ. Library website. It is a great resource and IRL too you can look at manuscripts, letters, photos etc. at the Robinson Library. Also if you or and your readers are interested there are many more videos of Bloodaxe poets on the Bloodaxe Books website Many of whom are now dead, but worth enjoying like Roy Fisher, Phil Levine, etc. Thanks Pamela Robertson-Pearce


    1. Thanks, Pamela – it’s kind of you to point in the directions of more of (your?) films. They are really wonderful things. I have put the link in a new post. I’ve also put a link to your website, which also has some fantastic poetry films embedded, too. Thanks again for the link and opening up these directions for others.


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