Feedback (!) / Workshops / Vinyl News

There’s a nice comment from Pamela Robertson-Pearce on the post about the Bloodaxe Archive, which you may have seen. She makes the point that there are ‘many more videos of Bloodaxe poets on the Bloodaxe Books website Many of whom are now dead, but worth enjoying like Roy Fisher, Phil Levine, etc. ‘ I really enjoyed and learned from looking at the drafts of Roy Fisher’s poems in the archive, too. Explore. Enjoy. If you’re interested in the work of Pamela Robertson-Pearce you can find more here (, too, although you might want to launch in here: – there are too many delights to describe so I will let you click and be surprised and delighted by what you find (no, I can’t help it: John Agard, Leonora Carrington, Samuel Menashe, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze… and that’s just the start). Why are you still reading this? Go and watch some quality things!

Looking forward to the two workshops in the next weeks – one at the Phil & Lit in Hexham, and one at the Phil & Lit in Carlisle. I really enjoy workshops because of the people you meet – their interests and expertise and their poetry. It is a rare honour to watch someone produce wonderful things.

nightjrrs update: we (quite literally) take delivery of the vinyl on the 27th January. Then it’ll be available at the nightjrrs Bandcamp page (which is here: and also in real shops, too. More about that to come. There’ll be a launch in a (real!) record shop in February, if all goes to plan. There’s also some forthcoming long-form gigs, too. More to come on these.

If you’re interested in music you’ve never heard before, can I recommend Dandelion Radio (here: which is great and a station I happened to find by accident – a Canadian Post Rock show (no, really): here –


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