jrrs Photoshoot

Solway Picture 2020

This is a picture we took at the weekend as part of our photoshoot out on the Solway. This is the most relaxed one we took, I think! A moment of clothing-catalogue-based humour in the mist. You’ll see the other pictures when the posters for future gigs come out – starting soon with the launch of ‘Dabbin Houses’ b/w ‘Goose Barnacle Goose’.

Just out of shot here are my two children: one defiantly heading to Scotland as fast as her two-year-old legs would take her, and my son going backwards into a rockpool (rather gloriously saving his camera at the expense of himself). It made me wonder about the people who are always just out of shot in iconic photographs. In this case it is our families and loved ones, enduring the mizzle for us. Thank you to all – and especially Morgan for taking the pictures.

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