Having been pleased by the response to ‘Disintegration Loops’, I’m posting up a link to a track from ‘Untrue’ by Burial. It’s a much-vaunted album – no rare thing. The rare thing is that is deserves this praise. Picking it out of the racks yesterday I was really pleased that I was still hearing new things in the music. Although time has passed, the musical value of this has not. I would not have ever got to hear it unless Simon Reynolds had written about it. You know about Simon Reynolds even if you don’t know about him. He came up with the term post-rock. Whilst this album conveys a sense of loss and not-entirely-nostalgic reflection, it offers a reflection on our hyperlinked world where all seems a gloss on another text. The glory days of innovation are behind us; only the past awaits us. Or perhaps technology has only compounded our misery. Entertainly, I’ve read that many sources thirteen years ago said that this was more up-beat than his previous album. Across the album, the words have been chewed up and respat into new, desolate half sentence with the singers’ former beautiful voices made edgier by this process. The trickbag of repetition against a changing context evokes the rush and distance of cities, and the impersonal, dislocated relationships we have with devices, with our places of belonging, and with each other.


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