Performance Workshop

I’ve had some nice feedback on the idea of an editing workshop – perhaps one or two a year at the Phil & Lit. I’ll put that as a suggestion to the powers that be in the world of the Phil & Lit. Look for it when the new brochure comes out for the term after April. In the meantime, I just want to plug the next workshop at the Carlisle Phil and Lit: it’ll be on the 28th March at the Phil & Lit, Fisher Street. You can see the brochure for the courses running until April here:

The blurb for the performance course is as follows, if you’re interested: If you are an old hand on the spoken word circuit, or if you have never read a poem (either your own or someone else’s) out loud before to a group of people, this course will offer support and guidance for you. It will be a keen ear (and eye) and a good friend.
As well as looking carefully at modern poetry practitioners we will take guidance from the very best contemporary poets in performance. We will cover how to seem confident (when you are not!), breath control, volume and delivery, the ‘performance trick-bag’ and pragmatics like mic technique and open mic ‘dos and don’ts’!

I came across this today and I like it a great deal, so I’ll finish with this…

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