Radio Reedbeds

How is your lockdown going? Best wishes to all. I went on Radio Cumbria on Monday and read from Reliquiae. The initial idea was to publicise the Aerial Festival (now moved to September). As we’ve all been overtaken by events, it became a more general discussion. Of course, you can go and hear the whole … More Radio Reedbeds

Radio Appearance

I’ll be on the radio today at 7 o clock. Tune in to Radio Cumbria, if you’d like to hear me read from poems I’ve had published in Reliquiae, as well as possibly some others. Maybe this one.

Scanner Performance

Did you see this performance by Scanner on Saturday? He had a set of performances cancelled, so did one online. I really, really like Scanner’s early work (I’ll try to post a link underneath here). Really great to see lots of people get creative to continue their creative work. I’m sure you’ve seen the spilling … More Scanner Performance

Aerial Festival / Radio / Radio!

So, for those of you who haven’t bought a tickets for the Aerial Festival, there’s information here: As part of the festival, there will be a  return of ‘The Dark Outside’, the 24 hour FM radio broadcast playing music that has never been heard before. You can find out more information about that fabulous … More Aerial Festival / Radio / Radio!