It was brilliant to perform live again, albeit in a very strange context – and who knows when we will get the chance again?

Here’s a picture of nightjrrs doing just that:

The sound was great (we had a really good sound-person: probably the best I’ve had for years) – if you were there I hope you agree. Really good to stand on a stage again. Even if it was so strange to look out at a room of masks. It was brilliant, too, to sell some records. I hope if you bought one – and if you are reading this – that you’ve enjoyed it.

The event was streamed and briefly kept on Facebook: I will confess that I stayed up at night after the gig to watch it, even though I’m not on Facebook! I won’t catalogue my errors here, but I have made a mental note to myself to start pieces of music with my guitar plugged in.

I don’t know what this next sixth months brings. You probably don’t either. I suspect that, after the brief intermission of doing gigs again, it will grind to a halt. I don’t think we can have a live poetry Symposium – even if we were able to conjure bubbles of 6. So, our eyes turn to what an online Symposium might look like, and how it might run. More to follow on that.

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