Whipping Boy

I saw this online, and I remembered that Whipping Boy were, hands down, the best guitar band I ever heard. But not the most successful. I liked the guitars, of course, but it was the words that made Whipping Boy. This was a B side – an alternative version of a single they released from one of the most harrowing, brutal, and uplifting albums of all time (‘Heartworm’). The spoken word on the original was brilliant – on this ‘Philo’ version it is untouchable. If you were to ask me what poetry was, I would try and tell you it was this.

There is anger. There is sorrow. There is much in the world that is horror. And there is the human spirit which can make from these things something that is as beautiful as this. If you can match the ferocity of this, then you’ve found the place that poetry probably is. I don’t think you can live there

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