More Symposium details…

So, if there’s anyone out there who is planning ahead: here’s my planning ahead for the Carlisle Poetry Symposium.

We currently have a date for the Carlisle Poetry Symposium. The next Symposium will be at Tullie House again – and we are very grateful for Tullie House’s help with this; we will be working closely together as we move forward. The date is in its usual May-ish place. We also have most of a line up, who have been contacted and are ‘waiting in the wings’, so to speak, for all parts of this process to get the green light.

I suppose that we have taken the steps to plan in the full knowledge that this organisation might come to nothing: we may have to call it off. I hope that you agree that it is worth to have something to look forward to. Even if we were to have some restrictions on the event, it would still be worth doing. This might mean that if you wish to come to the Symposium that you have to book a free ticket from Tullie House’s booking system; I’m sure that you can see that this might be the only way to proceed this year. nightjrrs have done one gig this year, and it was ticket only and the audience all had to wear masks and sit very, very distanced; it was either that or don’t play! We chose to play. I hope that people are with me with the decision to try to put something on in May: no one’s financial future is invested in it – it is a free event, after all – it is a day of cultural sharing.

I hope that we can all see each other in May. You may have written three novels in lockdown, but I haven’t. I could really do with talking to people about poetry and having some quality poetry read. More to come, when I have it.

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