Pre-Symposium Workshop Booking Goes Live!

My haul of books from the very first Symposium

Carlisle Poetry Symposium will return on 10th July – with a set of caveats and provisos that there is no need to say in our pandemic-affected world! In advance of the Symposium we’re running four online workshops. You can see more here: The dates are there – and you can book there, too. More specific details will follow.

The online Saturday workshops running fortnightly up to the Symposium. Each workshop will last three hours and costs 7 pounds. Each workshop will be different – so you could come to more than one, if you would like. None of the money will be kept by myself – it will all go to the Symposium’s running costs (because… believe it or not we are starting to incur some!). The event now has a bank account. As befits a bank account in the name of a poetry event – there’s precious little in it currently. The success of the Carlisle Poetry Symposium depends upon it being free – so this is one way of us supporting both the Symposium event and also the poetry of others.

You can hop across the site to the ‘Workshops’ page to find out more:

As I have said before, Tullie House may require us to book free tickets for the Symposium itself via their website. I hope that the difference makes sense.

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