Carlisle Poetry Symposium Postponed

It may not come as a huge surprise, but the latest change to government guidance has had an effect on the Carlisle Poetry Symposium. The shortest way of saying it is that the venue (Tullie House) are still being incredibly helpful – but if we were to go ahead on the 10th July we would have a maximum of 20 people in the room at Tullie House at any one time. If you subtract myself, the helpers, the booksellers at the stalls that are coming, and the featured writers off the maximum number of 20, that limits the audience to around 12. Now… I’ve read to a smaller audience than that (including my own one-man-and-a-dog moment), but it isn’t ideal. At peak times the last Symposium had 60 people in the room – and it is more usual to have a rolling audience between 20 and 40 across the day. And further social distancing measures may also be put upon us to ensure safety. Aside from this, an uptick in statistics for COVID in the north west itself are causing concern in some quarters. So, we’re going to take the decision to postpone. We have an alternative date already on the table for August and we will share that via this blog when it is confirmed. I have tried to notify all the Featured Writers in advance of this – and the many people who make the Symposium happen behind the scenes. This is another bump in the road, but we will all be together soon. And much better to all be in the same room…

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