Carlisle Poetry Symposium Pop-Up Bookshop

So, a couple of weeks to go… are you looking forward to the Poetry Symposium?

I thought I’d take this chance to flag up the guidelines for the pop-up bookshop. The bookshop is usually run by by the incredible Mike Smith. Without Mike there would be no bookshop – I would not be able to run it. And without Mike there would be no Symposium; he encouraged me to see through my idea. For this time (as a one-off) it’ll be a team effort and everyone is doing it for the love of culture. It’s the heart of the event.

Pop-up Bookshop Guidelines

Anyone can put their books and pamphlets up for sale on the pop-up bookshop. You can, too.

Please drop off your books before 10:45 on the Saturday morning at Tullie House.

All books should include a slip of paper inside that clearly states a price for that pamphlet or book in whole pounds, the full title of the publication and the name of the author/payee.

The funds will all be centrally held by the pop-up bookshop staff for the duration of the event.

At the end of the Symposium, the cash will be sorted and all the total proceeds of each pamphlet or book will go to the poet concerned. To repeat: all the money earned goes to the poet or press.

Please be at the venue at the end of the event (around 3:30) to pick up your books and cash!

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