Marble Poetry and Updates

…so I was reading the latest issue of Marble Poetry at the weekend, and I was very pleased to discover the work of Tony Hendry, of Speakeasy and Caldew Press, inside. Not only that, but Featured Writer from the last Symposium Ilse Pedler also has a poem in it. You can read them both (and the rest of the magazine, of course) by purchasing a copy of Marble Poetry from here:

The date for the next Symposium has been set down for next March. I will let you know the exact date when one other thing has clicked into place. There will also be a series of workshops in advance of the Symposium – just like last time. And I’m looking forward to those. I’ve put out to some writers, and I am in the process of getting the list together.

In music news, nightjrrs have three gigs coming up in December. On the 4th December we’re at Cakes and Ale again. We’ll be doing a mostly new set of pieces that have been written very recently. There will also be another improv set, with other musicians involved in the night. The ‘Treehouse Orchestra’ recording of the improv from last time (available here: is a good listen. We’re also performing at Great Salkeld on 18th December (full listings of all EVAN gigs here: and at the wonderful Vinyl Cafe on the solstice, 21st December. Details to follow on these second two. Hope to see you there – at one or more of these!

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