Third ‘Featured Writer’ for the Symposium on March 26th: Josephine Dickinson

We are very fortunate to have had all of our Symposia so far rounded off by the writer Josephine Dickinson. She was a ‘Featured Writer’ at the very first Symposium and she finished the event by reading her poem ‘Alphabetula’, which was the best performance of a poem I have ever been lucky enough to see. You may have also seen this poem performed at ‘Freiraum’ (see all the way below for some words I wrote on it at the time). You can read a recent of bio on Josephine and her work below.

Josephine Dickinson has published four collections of poetry including Silence Fell (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) and Night Journey (Flambard, 2008) and collaborates with artists, musicians and writers. Active also as a visual artist and a carillonist, Josephine lives on a small hill farm in the Northern Pennines. She is a member of the Aural Diversity Network, and a contributor to the forthcoming publication:

Click the link below to read more about Josephine’s reading of ‘Alphabetula’:

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