Rescheduled Symposium Date: May 14th.

We have a rescheduled Symposium date. Please put it in your diary! The next Symposium will be on Saturday May 14th. The day will be the same: it will start out with a workshop with Ilse Pedler; if you wish to be part of that workshop there is a £10 charge. If you have already booked, then your booking stands – a special word of thanks for you guys and your kind messages and patience when we had to postpone. There are still a couple of places for this, if you’d like to book. If so, please fill in the form on the tab on the blog titled ‘Symposium Workshop’. The workshop will last 90 minutes from 11 until 12:30. It will be in the Tullie House function room we have been in before. There will then be a short break, and the Symposium will then begin the readings of Featured Writers, etc.. This will run from 1 until just after 4. The three ‘Featured Writers’ we have already have confirmed that they can be part of our rescheduled event. We are filming the event. If you don’t wish your reading at the Symposium to be filmed, then there will be the option of telling us that on the day.

In further news, after the Symposium there will be a series of workshops (in person) run by Andy Hopkins. These will take place at Tullie House – and there will be a series of four of these. Each workshop will be three hours long. You will be able to book a place on these soon (but not yet: I don’t want to confuse this and Ilse Pedler’s workshop on the day of the Symposium itself). I hope these are of interest to people.

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