The 12″ vinyl from nightjrrs is available on Matchbox Classics Records. You can order it from here. Price includes etched vinyl, with hand-stamped labels and outer packaging (and also includes postage and packing).

nightjrrs 12″ vinyl (Dabbin Houses / Goose Barnacle Goose)

Double-sided. Etched vinyl. Hand stamped. Over twenty minutes of music. Includes post and hand-personalised packaging.


Andy Hopkins’ hapbook Dark Horse Pictures was published by Selkirk Lapwing Press in 2007. It was republished by Philistine Press as an e chapbook. The second edition was printed in 2015 (print only) and is the recommended edition. You can buy it (price includes post and packaging).

‘Dark Horse Pictures’


Readings from Dark Horse Pictures and music can be heard here, but there are more in the ‘Audio’ section of this website. (ISBN 0-9554056-6-1 / 978-0-9554056-6-2)

You can also find Andy Hopkins’ work in places such as The North, Under the Radar, Southlight, The Interpreter’s House, Reliquiæ and Reliquiæ supplement, Right Hand Pointing and Prick of the Spindle. He was also runner up in the Overton Prize in 2017. His work appears in the anthologies Both Sides of Hadrian’s Wall (Selkirk Lapwing Press, 2006 – here) and ‘This Place I Know’ (Handstand Press 2018 – here). He has also been the poetry editor of Speakeasy magazine, published in Carlisle by Caldew Press – and organiser of Carlisle’s Poetry Symposium. He also teaches poetry at the Carlisle Philosophical and Literature Society (here).

A second chapbook,  It Will Always Be Like This was published by Philistine Press in 2010.

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