Matthew Clegg

I have two Matthew Clegg collections from Longbarrow Press. It would be difficult to overstate the effect reading Matthew Clegg’s work has had on the way I look at poetry. He was the first Longbarrow poet that I came across and I have recommended his work to people ever since. Something else that has impressed … More Matthew Clegg


This is a great piece, involving work from one of my favourite poets ever to come to the Symposium: An outstanding piece made with the art of Dominique Cameron, the words of Mark Goodwin and the filming of Martyn Blundell. The sound by Mensa. If it was a film you’d call it an ensemble piece. … More ‘Moor’

The Limps

New unreleased material from The Limps, from 1980. Fond memories of playing on a bill with these guys for the 40th anniversary of Matchbox Classics.


This anthology that came out last year is an inspiring foray into the possibilities that the page offers. A flick through Britain’s poetry magazines might lead you to believe that UK poetry is in the slough of despond. There are one or two journals and magazines that still come through my door that only drop … More ‘Europoe’