Reliquiae, the journal, comes out in (I think) January. In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend back issues of the print journal (see the Corbel Stone website – I think the last edition (with a yellow cover) is six pounds – which is a steal for such a strong, well-produced journal of excellent work. Alongside the … More Reliquiae

‘Dark Hollow Dark’ by Richard Skelton

Whatever criteria you have for judging what you are reading surely begins with a ‘gut’ sensation. Your own criteria can only ever be something that you use to rationalise your own ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ of something your internal reaction mechanism has already decided upon. The words – the criteria – come later. They can only … More ‘Dark Hollow Dark’ by Richard Skelton

Freiraum 3

I realise my blurred and expanded picture of Josephine Dickinson (left) does not do justice to a poetry reading, but it is what I have to hand to mark the recording of Josephine’s poem ‘Alphabetula’ at Frieraum on Sunday. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Freiraum was a shooting star and that we return to … More Freiraum 3

Freiraum 2

In the days after Freiraum I have kept returning in my mind to one thought: how can art events have a more sustainable impact? To ask a another question (but one that runs off that one), how can we maintain the momentum built by having an event like Freiraum in our city? When the funding … More Freiraum 2

Freiraum 1

In a time when the world seems to be collapsing in on itself, the Freiraum event in Carlisle on 09.12.18 was a huge moment in a small town. To hear poems in Urdu, Greek, Kurdish, Arabic, German and English was a delight that goes beyond artistic. Congratulations to Phil H., who has seen the project … More Freiraum 1

‘Dabbin Houses’ – A (Journalist’s) Use Guide

‘Dabbin Houses’ is the instrumental piece performed by nightjars in the second half of the Freiraum event in Carlisle on the 9th December. nightjars is written with a lower case n. If you are a member of the press, you may want some pointers. The piece takes its name from the ‘vernacular architecture’ of this … More ‘Dabbin Houses’ – A (Journalist’s) Use Guide