Cheque Book and Pen

Symposium update, then. The Carlisle Poetry Symposium now has its own bank account. A business account no less. So now I’m in the poetry business. But not The Poetry Business, because that’s different. The Symposium now gets letters addressed to itself. And a ‘governance document’. And it has a bank card. And a cheque book. … More Cheque Book and Pen


I absolutely love the music of William Byrd for reasons I can’t put into words. I’ve seen his music terrify people I have tried to play it to. Whilst I find it full of beauty, I have known people describe it as ‘angsty’. I was struck by this, being played on the radio this morning. … More Byrd


In reading the most recent edition of Tenebrae (which I’ll try to write about later: if it hasn’t sold out get yourself a copy of it now, while you can), I came across Datableed in many of the bios of the poets. On the Datableed website are lots of recordings of their launch nights. Seems like a … More Soundso


Corbel Stone Press asked me to record my reading of the poem ‘Reedbeds’ – the poem I read at the May Symposium this year. It’s published in Reliquiae Vol. 7 No.2. Here it is, if you’re interested: My wife edited the film… so there are other hands at work here! You can buy the superb … More Reedbeds

Tenebrae / Kilalea

I am away from home, having my life changed by long poems (no, really). I thought you might like to read the essay on p.17 onwards of this ( edition of Tenebrae and then watch the Kate Kilalea¬†poem it refers to here: Symposium moments and news will follow. As will some reflections on Longbarrow … More Tenebrae / Kilalea