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Head on over to Billy Mills’ blog and watch this: https://ellipticalmovements.wordpress.com/2020/12/16/on-video-kimberly-campanello-reading-motherbabyhome-at-ucd-library/. You’ll find a review that Billy Mills wrote about MOTHERBABYHOME here, too: https://ellipticalmovements.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/motherbabyhome-by-kimberly-campanello-a-review/. I don’t think the work of poetry reviewers has ever been so important, and I don’t think I’ve read better than those on Billy Mills’ website. I think you need to … More Poetry / Film / Reviews

Symposium Rumblings

So, for those of you who wish to know these things… the process has begun. I’ve had contact with the venue and the process has begun. Properly. I’ve contacted some, but not all (yet) of the Featured Writers who would have read for us last May (!). I’ve also set plans in motions for there … More Symposium Rumblings

Whipping Boy

I saw this online, and I remembered that Whipping Boy were, hands down, the best guitar band I ever heard. But not the most successful. I liked the guitars, of course, but it was the words that made Whipping Boy. This was a B side – an alternative version of a single they released from … More Whipping Boy

Aerial Festival / 10 Years of Corbel Stone Press

The Aerial Festival was one of the many events that fell foul of the last year’s events. It is wonderful to see so many of the events from the festival represented by film on the Aerial Festival website. I hugely recommend spending some time watching the films here: https://aerialfestival.com/corbel-stone-press/. Although I had to have particular … More Aerial Festival / 10 Years of Corbel Stone Press


It was brilliant to perform live again, albeit in a very strange context – and who knows when we will get the chance again? Here’s a picture of nightjrrs doing just that: The sound was great (we had a really good sound-person: probably the best I’ve had for years) – if you were there I … More Intermission

nightjrrs (nearly live)

Early September might see a return for live music for the nightjrrs. Either that, or there will be a live stream of a set. In the meantime, if you’d like a taster of a 40 minute nightjrrs set, enjoy the film below which is available only for the next month via Kirkgate Arts.

A Picture Of Wind

It must be greatly pleasing for Longbarrow Press to see the copies of J.R. Carpenter’s This is a Picture of Wind pop up across the internet demonstrating the geographical reach that this book has achieved. Like the wind itself, ’success’ must be very hard to measure for publisher and writer alike: but tangible signs of the latter must be … More A Picture Of Wind

Matthew Clegg

I have two Matthew Clegg collections from Longbarrow Press. It would be difficult to overstate the effect reading Matthew Clegg’s work has had on the way I look at poetry. He was the first Longbarrow poet that I came across and I have recommended his work to people ever since. Something else that has impressed … More Matthew Clegg


This is a great piece, involving work from one of my favourite poets ever to come to the Symposium: An outstanding piece made with the art of Dominique Cameron, the words of Mark Goodwin and the filming of Martyn Blundell. The sound by Mensa. If it was a film you’d call it an ensemble piece. … More ‘Moor’