Symposium Thoughts 1

I got asked to write a feature on the Symposium for a fanzine! And there’s a journalist coming to my house (!) to interview me today. Given that interest, I wanted to put down dome early thoughts. I’d firstly like to thank everyone for their positive comments about the second Carlisle Poetry Symposium. After the … More Symposium Thoughts 1

Six Years Ago…

This picture was taken six years ago, at the Club Victoria. I was the support act for Zombo Combo, The Limps and The Exiles. I have just watched the DVD of the evening. It may well have been the last ‘proper’ gig I did with a guitar. I remember having only one day to rehearse … More Six Years Ago…

Thank you!

A thousand thank you to everyone who made the second Carlisle Poetry Symposium a great success yesterday. Thank you to the superb featured writers. Thank you to everyone who listened. Thank you to everyone who read at the open mic. And thank you to the ‘AcoustiCombo”, whose setlist is pictured here… and may well be … More Thank you!


One of Carlisle’s greatest kept secrets is its finest post-punk moment: the band Combo Zombo, who were also known as The Wanglers (amongst other things) in their earlier incarnations. The band ran its own label (it’s what you did in the early 80s) and were played on the Peel show. In the 1980s that was … More Zom-Bee-Aye-Eee!

Skreel View

One of the Nightjars projects in draft here – it is the combination of two version: a more ‘studio’ version of a song by John Chambers based around a loop created (by John) of some guitar sound I made… or perhaps I should say some guitar sound that was made whilst I was there; the other half … More Skreel View