This is the escape mechanism for people who want out of my poetry workshops…

thumbnail_Image (1)I really, really like doing poetry workshops. I am very thankful that I have had the chance to deliver two on consecutive Saturdays: one on Hexham and one in Carlisle. If you are reading this before Saturday 25th January then there is still time to book on the day course. You can book here: It was an honour yesterday to watch people produce brilliant poems in responses to stimuli that you’ve provided – things and ideas you’ve thought about for a while. People spend their hard-earned cash on workshops, as well as give up their hard-earned time and I always try to put in as much effort as I would for a class that I teach in my day job. I might well see you there.

Thanks to everyone who has ever come to one of my workshops: you make the whole endeavour worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. I really enjoyed your workshop in Carlisle, Andy. The exercises and prompts were all well planned, and I came away with some good draft poems – and some very useful writing and editing techniques. Many thanks.


    1. Hi Kelly! You are very welcome:. Thank you very much for your contributions. I have no doubt that we’ll see the finished versions of the poems you were working with on Saturday in print soon! Hope to see you soon.


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