Emma Bolland is a ‘Featured Writer’ on November 16th at the Carlisle Poetry Symposium

We’re very lucky and honoured to be able to announce another ‘Featured Writer’ for the Carlisle Poetry Symposium on November 16th.

The best thing I can recommend is that you watch some of Emma Bolland’s work here, here and here! And here. Here’s a little bit of a ‘bio’, in advance!


Emma Bolland is a writer, artist, and editor who works across  literatures, translations, screenwriting, performance, and film. Their most recent publication, Over, In, and Under (Dostoyevsky Wannabe 2019), moves between fiction, poem, script, and essay. Of this book, Joanna Walsh says that ‘these hybrid-texts have carried me into some of the chasms of hilarity and terror over which the cultural artefacts they address are precariously suspended,’ and Peter Riley in the Fortnightly Review wrote that ‘I find the transformation that takes place and the tenor of the resulting text, remarkable. […] I believe Emma Bolland does not call herself a poet… perhaps she should reconsider this’. They were the 2019 artist-writer in residency for the University of Sheffield School of Arts and Humanities, and have read and performed their work at events such as ‘No Matter’ and ‘Gestures: Writing That Moves Between’, ‘Writing  Photographs’ at Tate Modern, and the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Poetry and Poetics readings series.  They have presented performance-papers nationally and internationally, most recently at the 12th International Screenwriting Research Network conference at the Universidade Católica in Porto. They are an Associate Lecturer on the MA/MFA and BA Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, specialising in narrative, writing art, and text based performance.

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