Uncertain Times: Symposium Postponed

Followers of the Twitter feed will have already seen that we have taken the decision to postpone May’s Carlisle Poetry Symposium. ‘Postpone’, I hope is not too inaccurate a term. I don’t want to say the word cancel, because we will be hoping to preserve the line up of ‘Featured Poets’ Although we never went public with the list, I was very, very pleased with the list for various reasons. I am still to hear back from a couple of these poets – more to follow.

On a personal note: please look after yourselves and each other. R3 this morning was describing that some church services are being cancelled. Obviously that is because of the age range of attendees, but it still brought it home to me.  Talk on most people’s lips is about toilet rolls. Although my drive into town today did not at all resemble the pictures I have seen of London and other capital cities, the same nervous energy pervades all spaces.

No Aerial Festival now – that too has been rescheduled for September – you can either find out the details direct or return here nearer the time. Keep coming back for nightjrrs details – the Moreland gig is still officially on, but watch this space. The record release is also officially still on, but again: watch this space.

Here is poet Hannah Hodgson on how to fill your self-isolation, if you are self-isolating.

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